Opening Keynote: Unleashing DataOps

DataOps empowers data teams to cost-effectively deliver high-quality data products, with the increasing use of AI and machine learning. With DataOps, teams go deep on specific technologies, such as Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Presto, Kafka, Databricks, and Snowflake. But they also maintain and manage across technologies, from data ingest through data pipelines to on-time delivery of analytics and results. Join DataOps innovator Kunal Agarwal, CEO of Unravel Data, as he describes how companies large and small are using DataOps to make their technology stacks hum, get more done at a lower cost, and improve both customer experience and the bottom line.


Kunal Agarwal, Co-Founder & CEO @ Unravel

Kunal Agarwal is the CEO and co-founder of Unravel Data Systems. Prior to that, Kunal led sales and implementation at several Fortune 100 companies. He also co-founded, a pioneer in personalized shopping. Before that he helped Sun Microsystems evaluate Big Data infrastructure like Sun’s Grid Computing Engine. Kunal co-founded Unravel to solve the application management challenges that companies face when they adopt systems like Hadoop and Spark. Kunal holds a Bachelor’s in computer engineering from Valparaiso University and an M.B.A from the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.

What is DataOps Unleashed?

DataOps Unleashed is the official DataOps community.

We came together on March 17 as the emergence of DataOps, CloudOps, AIOps, MLOps, and other professionals, who gathered virtually to share the latest trends and best practices for running, managing, and monitoring data pipelines and data-intensive analytics workloads.

Sessions included talks by DataOps professionals at leading organizations, detailing how they’re establishing data predictability, increasing reliability, and reducing costs.

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What is the cost to watch the virtual sessions?

DataOps Unleashed is always free and open for all to attend and view on-demand.

Join us for sessions on:

  • Data pipelines
  • Data orchestration
  • Metadata
  • Data quality
  • Data governance
  • Data science platforms
  • AIOps and MLOps
  • CloudOps
  • Migrations
  • Observability
  • Optimization
  • Operations

Who comes to DataOps Unleashed?

DataOps professionals and experts including data administrators, data architects, data engineers, data analysts, AI/ML professionals, and data technology leadership.

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New to DataOps?

DataOps is a holistic approach to the creation, deployment, monitoring, management, and optimization of data-driven applications. It describes the culture and rules of engagement that allow data teams to deliver and maintain high-quality, on-time data products, often powered by AI and machine learning, in an agile and cost-effective way.

DataOps defines how data teams work and also affects data consumers and those whose work causes new data to be created and used within the organization. Their work enables the entire organization to access data efficiently for data-driven decision-making and for the creation and delivery of data-driven applications.

Organizations with well-developed DataOps strategies, governance, and processes can expedite the delivery of data-driven workflows and results faster and better than others.


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